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1. Qualifications in business license, foreign trade, international freight forwarding, customs clearance and inspection

2. Member of International Freight Forwarders Association


Team advantages:

1. Core members of the group have more than 20 years of study, work and life experiences in former Soviet Union, an in-depth knowledge ofabout the economy, culture, history and geography, mentalityways of thinking and working methods of the host country, and rich experience in practical operation of international trade and logistics agency in China;

2. The group has strong professional team, facilities and services in the former Soviet Union countries, and has formed an international team including both domestic and foreign members and which can tackle difficult problems both inside and outside China.

3. The group owned company has the complete business chain operational capability in import and export of former Soviet Union products, including entire transport, customs clearance, certification, insurance, and legal and financial services, which is the only enterprise in the imports and export fields of China and Russia

4. Led by transport experts inside and outside China and served by professional transport team, it is the only company that can provide one-stop services of logistics and transport in China, Russia and Kazakhstan, including inspection, planning, programs, packaging, insurance, shipping, transit, delivery and other aspects.

Channel advantages:

1. The yard in Manzhouli has built three Chinese standard railway lines and three Russian broad gauge railway lines. It is the only yard eligible to achieve two-way transport and reloading in the two countries currently, and reloading has been successfully realized.

2. With many years of transportation experience with China Railway Group and its containers, Russian Railway Group and its containers and Kazakhstan Railway Group, numerous large cargos have been transported, location of the goods wagon can be timely inquired and determined; if something unexpected happened to cargos, problems canbe solved in the shortest time at scene;

3. Have branch offices in Beijing and Harbin in China, offices in the former Soviet Union countries, five timber collection yards and three timber distribution yards with railway in Irkutsk region of Russiawith the high wood quality., where the wood quality is good.

Price advantages:

1. Relying on channels and team strengths, the company can optimize transport and packaging solutions and reduce transportation costs forof customers, and customers can pay directly to the railway account;

2. The Company makes fully integrated use of existing resources, and can constantly get a lot of imported timber, agricultural and other bulk commodities that are highly cost effective, allowing customers to benefit more and achieve win-win.

Successful case:

      International transportation business: The high-pressure heating equipment body of coal-fired generator unit with unit capacity of 660 MW of Troitsk State-owned Power Plant was shipped from Manzhouli by the company affiliated to the Group. It was realized for the first time that the company applied for 120t 8-shaft Russian special vehicle and made shipment in China. The shipment is supervised by leaders of Manzhouli station and Zabaikalsk station; both reinforcement material and welding workers are from Zabaikalsk, which are in full compliance with requirements of Russian Railways on bundled reinforcement strength. It passed the inspection on reinforcement of cargos by a Russian Joint Inspection Team which was composed of seven responsible persons from Zabaikalsk Station, reloading department and freight department of Russian Railways. The Russian vehicle was successfully dispatched from Manzhouli.


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