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1. Industry overview 


2. IRITO industrial advantages:

(1) IRITO has professional comprehensive import and export freight yard to Russia, covering an area of 27.78 hectares. It is now China’s only yard that can achieve Sino-Russian car reloading and warehousing. The yard construction project was signed under the witness by two heads of the states. It is the key project of the two governments. The yard has vehicle demolition function. During exports of China's domestic automobile and spare parts to Russia, high tariffs can be effectively avoided, export cost can be reduced greatly and higher degree of specialization can be achieved; in addition, with this yard, normalization and large-scale exports of mechanical and electrical equipment to Russia can be achieved, so it is significant to createing import and export industry system to Russia which combines transportation, warehousing, trade, processing, marketing and support services. 

(2)IRITO owned yard has built three Chinese standard railway lines and three Russian broad gauge railway lines, which are connected to Russian and Chinese railway networks respectively. Thus it is the only yard eligible to achieve two-way transport and reloading in the two countries currently, and reloading has been successfully realized. 

(3)IRITO is located in China's largest land port station - Manzhouli Port, and in the transportation hub of the first Eurasian Continental Bridge. Its specific location is within the international yard of Manzhouli Industrial Park. The park is the key experimental zone for development and opening up emphasized by CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and the most forward position of China's reform and development. Manzhouli international freight yard project is approved by the Ministry of Railways, with a planning area of 13 square kilometers. It will be built into the second port station with seven professional yards as the focus, including container, special cargo, express, minerals, bulk, chemical industrial products and auto mechanics, and combines cargo transport, reloading, storage, processing, distribution and international trade. 

(4)IRITO has a complete industrial chain system of Russian timber and agricultural products "from the source of raw materials to the sales terminals", so “seamless” link up of raw material procurement, logistics, processing, marketing, after-sale service and other aspects can be achieved, and excellent quality and high cost performance of products can be ensured. 

3. IRITO industrial planning: 



     Relying on its own industrial advantages, IRITO vigorously carry out imports and deep processing of timber from Russia, export and processing of agricultural products, exports of electrical and mechanical equipment and building materials, international trade of bulk goods, and international railway logistics business and warehouse storage services, in order to become a major integrated company that combines imports of timber and agricultural products, exports of electrical and mechanical equipment and building materials, import and export of bulk goods, timber and agricultural products processing, warehousing services, rail transport and customs clearance agent services of bulk cargo and special equipment. 

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