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      Irito international railway logistics has many years of experience in logistics management, understand and grasp logistics market of China and Russia, has strong clearance and certification team and the only yard in the two countries currently that is eligible to achieve two-way transport reloading. It is the only Chinese enterprise in the imports and export fields of China and Russia that has the complete business chain operational capability in import and export of former Soviet Union products, including entire transport, customs clearance, certification, insurance, and legal and financial services, make systematic integration of the operation of various logistics aspects, provide professional and reliable door-to-door rail logistics services for enterprises. 

The group-owned company exports and transports large rotary drilling rigs and hammers, one hundred tons of crawler cranes and truck crane, concrete mixing station, mixer and other large machinery and equipment, and rotors, transformers, low-temperature heaters and other power plant equipment to the former Soviet Union countries. With transportation, customs clearance and certification of hundreds of thousand tons of various building materials and large cargo, the absolute competitive advantage of full-service chain from transport, customs clearance, certification, insurance and other aspects of goods procured from China and exported to Russia has been established in the industry. Currently it is planned to exploit the existing logistical advantages to vigorously carry out other types of international trade activities. 

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