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Talent strategy
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1. Uphold the concept of common development of enterprise and employees, be people-oriented, appreciate, respectfulfor, make full use of and nurture talents.

2. Virtue comes first when using talents, advocate honesty, integrity, humility and love, motivation, sense of responsibility and innovation.

3. Recruit capable people without overstressing qualifications,do not limit by education and age, but take the ability, attitude and sense of responsibility as the standards.

4. Assemble capable and passionate intelligentsia, provide broad platform for their development, let them fully display talents, and achieve value of life together with the development of enterprise.

5. Implement the salary system which combines fixed wage, performance bonuses, year-end bonuses and equity incentives and perfect benefits system such as five insurances and housing fund, holiday allowance, paid leave, etc. to provide staff with warm and comfortable working environment, family-like humane care and colorful team activities.

6. Nurture people with cause, attract people with emotion, treat people with good salary and regulate people with systems, and strive to create a multi-dimensional development space for employees of Irito.

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